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Fanbase Discovery & Growth Newsletter 2024.

Solid advice: just once a month.

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Fanbase Discovery & Growth Newsletter 2024.

Solid advice: just once a month.

(it's free!)

DIY Music Makers Guide to Music Marketing in 2024

18 Jan 2024

What is Music Marketing?

So you’ve created some incredibly powerful music. Blood, sweat and tears were shed in its creation. Yet you ask yourself, will anyone listen?

I’m sure they will, you can include your mum and maybe your gran if you drop it to them via their yahoo email account.

If you want the actual world to hear it, then you need to ‘market’ your music. This means posting content on social media, emailing people directly, playing it live. 

All designed to attract an audience that cares about your genre.  Sounds simple?

But not just any content will do. Engaging, interesting content that captures the imagination of today’s scroller with the attention span of a goldfish.

It’s a challenge. But marketing is how we are found. It's the start of building an authentic music career and I’m afraid there’s no other way.

But read on, I think I can help steer you in the right direction as we head into 2024.

How Can I Promote My Music Effectively?

We live in the ‘attention economy’. Marketers of all disciplines are viciously battling for users' attention online, and there’s not enough to go round.

However, those who have the largest budgets aren’t always on top.

Social media has opened the floodgates to creators of all sizes, with the opportunity to spread your music easier than ever before.

Effective marketing isn't just promotional materials designed to drive streams. Effective marketing is entertaining, it’s educational, it's valuable.

The audience wants something in return for their time. What are you providing?

Another point: Consistency is key. Don’t limit yourself to posting only when you have a release out - the algorithms favor uploading frequently.

The key to standing out in a crowded digital landscape lies in your ability to be unique and authentic. It's not just about promoting your music; it's about promoting your story, your journey, and the passion behind your art. 

Share your studio sessions, your songwriting process, or even the challenges you face as an artist. This helps build a connection with your audience, making them more than just listeners but part of your musical journey.

The power of visual storytelling.

In a world where visual content reigns supreme, don't underestimate the impact of compelling artwork, visually appealing short form content, all tied together within a narrative.

These elements not only complement your music but also enhance the overall experience for your audience.

Narrate the story behind each song? How is it related to the artwork?

What message are you trying to convey? 

When fans understand the context and emotions behind your music, they form a deeper connection with it. It's this connection that turns casual listeners into loyal fans.

  • But how do you keep up with the demand? 

My tip for 2024 is, combine your interests with your music content. Got a hobby that isn't music making? Perhaps you have another creative outlet? Combine with your music, it’ll make for great content.

Paint your artworks and film the process. Put your music over your skate vids. Your music is part of your life, show that.

  • Being adaptable is key. 

Explore new social media platforms. Experiment with different content formats like short videos or interactive livestreams, and always stay updated on the latest digital marketing strategies. 

You can do that by subscribing to our newsletter ;) 

  • Don't underestimate the value of feedback. Engage with your audience, ask for their opinions, and show that you value their input. This not only helps you improve but also fosters a sense of community around your music.

Need pro feedback? Let’s work together:

  • Engage with people who engage with you.

Respond to DMs, reply to comments, follow back, support fellow artists. A lot of little makes a lot, and the fact the folks are engaging with you shows that they care. This is a huge win - nurture that social contract!

  • Don’t limit yourself to social media.

Setting up an email list, possibly even by your own website, is a must for 2024. Email engagement is on the rise and is an essential part of every major's marketing campaign. Got a show coming up? Get people onto your email list via a printed QR code.

How Do I Make Good Music Content?

Of all the advice here (and everywhere) about how to post on socials, one thing stands above all: be real. 

Authenticity in a world of fake acting for attention is like gold. Be true to yourself, and the rest will come naturally.

How much time do you put into making the tracks? Would seem a waste if you didn’t spend a good amount of time on the content you need to make for it.

Start by making a 2-3 week long plan of how you're going to execute your idea.

Listen back to the track, close your eyes, dream of the concept. Is it achievable? 

Struggling to do it yourself? Collaborate with other visual artists.

Got a friend that makes cool sh*t? Hit them up. Seen someone making cool sh*t on IG? Hit them up.

I can’t overestimate the importance of consistency and quality. Whether it's your social media posts, your music videos, or your promotional material, maintaining a consistent aesthetic and quality across all your content helps keep you in the fans mind.

This consistency helps your audience know what to expect from you and fosters a sense of familiarity.

How do I find my target audience?

Your fan base is your life blood. Take the time to understand who they are and how they find you. This will be essential in crafting a solid digital marketing strategy around your single or album.

Finding your target audience is not just about identifying who they are, but also understanding where they hang out and how they consume music. 

Are they active on specific social media platforms? Do they prefer streaming services or downloading music? 

Answering these questions will help you tailor your marketing efforts more effectively.

Got a YouTube channel?

Analytics is your friend - YouTube is a good place to start if you have a channel.

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, WHY? 

YouTube is, in my opinion, the #1 platform for discovery in 2024. Start it up. Upload your tracks as artworks to start. Then Visualisers, then lyric videos. 

Work your way up to low-budget shot music videos. Not everything has to be high-production in the early days.

Don’t be afraid to upload the same track more than once in different formats. This year is the year to start if you haven’t, trust us on this one.

What Role Do Social Media Platforms Play in Music Marketing?

As a DIY artist on a budget, social media is everything. It’s the platform to tell your story, to present your art.

I get it, it’s overwhelming, but everybody has to start somewhere.

Can I Market My Music Without a Big Budget?

You might be thinking, I don’t have the budget to make music videos.

How much do you pay a month for that goddamn smart phone? Its camera is more than good enough to start. Get a tripod, record the sound in good quality using a mic setup, and learn how to cut it all together.

Social media is free.

How Do Collaborations Influence Music Marketing?

Double the social presence, double the opportunity to propel your name into the stars.

This is assuming the other artist has equal to or greater than presence on socials. Though this isn’t essential, collaboration is an amazing way to reach new fans.

How to start? Reach out and ask, jump into their DMs with a friendly proposal. The worst that could happen is that they say no. Then you move on.

As mentioned before, this doesn’t have to be with another music artist. Try collaborating with a visual artist for a full A/V collab experience for fans. Essential for 2024.

How Can I Use Streaming Services for Music Promotion?


Creating and Share Playlists: Via Spotify for artists

Attach the playlists to your page. This is a good place to showcase your tastes and a good place to show the algorithm what artists you think you should be associated with.

Personally, I would just create playlists that you think your fans would enjoy. Regularly update the playlists, attach good artwork and promote it on your socials so that fans have a reason to follow it. If your music is included, it should be, then you have more reasons to shout about it!

How to get on Spotify Editorial Playlists?

The golden goose. I don’t need to explain how to submit. But when you do submit, provide as much detail as you can so that the curators know where to place you. This is the easy bit.

Now the work begins. The next few weeks it’s down to you to promote aggressively, driving streams to the track on Spotify. When you get traction, this is when you’ll get added. 

Don’t expect to get added because you’ve just made the best track of your life.


Music Videos and Lyric Videos: Create engaging music videos or lyric videos to accompany your songs.

YouTube Music: Ensure your music is available on YouTube Music for increased accessibility.

Interact with Your Audience: Regularly interact with your audience in the comments section and encourage them to subscribe to your channel.

Consistent Content: Upload consistently, including behind-the-scenes content, vlogs, or cover songs to keep your audience engaged.

Collaborations and Covers: Collaborate with other YouTubers and cover popular songs to reach a broader audience.


Here’s my take on TikTok for 2024. It’s mad. They seem to change the algo every few week so nobody knows what the f*** is going on. And don’t let anyone claim otherwise.

My observation is such - the general demographic using this platform enjoys the creative arts - the process. Show yourself working on your craft, be it in the studio, playing your tracks live, working on something new and exciting.

Your promo clips designed purely to drive streams won’t work here. People don’t like being sold to.

I go into more detail about this in the first DIY Music Makers Podcast. Listen here!

What Are the Biggest Challenges in Music Marketing Today?

Obviously it’s the marketing - it’s why you’re here right? Here’s my Top 5 Fundamental Rules for marketing:

  1. Be Authentic. Dancing around in front of the camera for hits is not the one is it. Unless that’s actually your vibe, then obviously go for it!

  2. Be consistent. Don’t limit yourself to shouting about your music only when you have a release out.

  3. Be creative. Everyone’s trying to grab attention by doing the same things. Get creative with your content. Be a somebody in a sea of everybody’s.

  4. Learn, learn, learn. Don’t know how to make good content? Learn a new program that will aid you on this quest; adobe premiere pro, illustrator, touchdesigner, blender.

  5. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Building an authentic audience takes time. A long time. If you’re not willing to build and sustain over a long period then this game ain’t for you, bud.

What's the Future of Music Marketing?

Tell your story. Don’t be restricted by ‘short form’ content. If you need a 20-minute vid to share your vision, then strive for it.

You could always break that 20 minute video into bite size chunks. Highly recommend filming something longer than breaking it down; 1 min, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, canvas, etc.

New technologies come around all the time to make our lives easier. And that's our job as industry professionals at DIY Music Makers.

See how we can help with your next campaign, or how we can optimise your channel ready to soak up any potential fans:

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